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Alcatel warns of doom and gloom in the event of no deal

Manny Pham
March 11, 2019

Alcatel has planned for the worst case scenario as Brexit looms

Alcatel is preparing “for the worst” in the event that the UK departs the European Union without a deal by shipping stock directly to the UK.

By doing so, the French manufacturer will avoid EU customs in Paris, which is its usual practice.

The change of plan is to prepare in the event that the government is unable to reach a deal with the European Union before March 29.

Alcatel UK and Ireland country director William Paterson said the firm “planned for the worst” to mitigate the potential stock issues, due to uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU. On March 5, ministers resumed efforts to secure legally binding changes to Theresa May’s widely criticised Brexit deal that might receive MP backing before the departure date.

The Prime Minister’s deal was rejected by a historic margin of 432 votes to 202 in the House of Commons.

Paterson said: “We planned and reorganised the supply chain to bring product in a sufficient manner. We will be bringing product directly from China to the UK and avoid customs in Paris.”

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