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Abzorb launches new bill spend management tool ‘CapZ’

Paul Lipscombe
October 23, 2018

So far more than 100 partners have participated in live webinars

Telecoms provider Abzorb has announced the launch of a new bespoke bill spend management tool called ‘CapZ’.

The tool which is set up within Abzorb’s Partner Portal allows businesses to see, monitor and control their telecommunications spend.

West Yorkshire-based Abzorb who works with BT, EE, O2 and Vodafone, expect the tool to prevent “bill shock” for its partners and customers.

Abzorb founder Steve Beeby commented: “CapZ puts partners and customers in control. Via the Abzorb Portal they can manage customersalerts, in line with the new bill spend cap legislation.”

The portal allows for customer usage to be collected in real time and through alerts that are then sent to customers, via text message or email which warns them as they are nearing their monthly limit.

Beeby added: “This gives partners and their customers peace of mind that spend and data usage is calculated accurately based on RRP and updated on an hourly basis.”

We are also being very clear about Abzorbs position in the marketplace. Irrespective of the debate on Ofcom regulation, its important we keep the customer updated on end usage. We see this as something that should be a shared responsibility across the industry.

We also feel that it is irresponsible for billing providers, who will not bear the burden of financial loss, to try and bypass the regulation and have complacency towards Ofcom.”

So far more than 100 partners have taken part in live webinars, including DB Group Europe, who participated in the webinar recently.

DB Group Europe head of communications Liam Bonthron said: “The additions to the portal are great, very simple to use and allow different levels of notifications, auto-bar and bill cap to make sure we can meet the varying demands of our customers.”

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