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Three set to cut 350 jobs over the next few years in tech team trim

Paul Lipscombe
October 24, 2018

Cuts will come in the technology department at the network

Up to 350 jobs are expected to be cut in the next four years by Three as it trims down its technology team as part of its roll-out of a new platform next year.

Three currently employs 750 people in the technology sector and anticipates it will still have 400 in that department after the cuts.

This follows Three CEO Dave Dyson’s comments to the Press Association explaining that job cuts are inevitable, but expects it to be industry wide and that it will happen long-term and not immediately.

“The new technology will start to be introduced to our customers around the middle of next year, but again it will be another three years before we fully switch off all of our legacy technology, so it’s not like it’s going to happen overnight.

“But I think as a general rule of thumb – not just in our industry but in most industries – technology and automation will have a big impact on the workforce.”

Three currently employs around 4,500 members of staff nationwide and says it will work alongside partners to relocate those who lose their jobs.

A Three spokesperson said: “The changes will be phased over the next four years and we’ll be helping staff to find roles with our technology partners, in other parts of the Three business or outside Three where necessary.”

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