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How to use on-hold marketing effectively

Mobile News
December 13, 2022

As businesses move to seasonal selling, Nigel Waddell, Director of Operations at Radius Connect, explains how on hold marketing is a must have for businesses seeking to improve efficiency and maximise touch points

All too often companies underestimate the power of their telephone system. On average, 20% of a caller’s time on the phone will be spent on-hold or in queue and it’s clear that the last thing businesses should waste that valuable customer interaction with silence, or dreaded clichés.

That’s why in-queue and on-hold audio is about much more than just making a good impression.

When used well it can be an incredibly effective marketing tool which can add significant benefits such as improving business efficiency, enabling greater visibility of your products and services.

So how do you use on-hold time more effectively to add the greatest benefit to your business and customers?

First of all, businesses should review what they’ve currently got in place. Consider: does your voice artist accurately represent your brand? Does the tone and language match other customer contact points? If your website uses a lot of modern terminology and conversational language, does your on-hold audio match? All these things should be consistent, so when a customer decides to pick up the phone, they immediately recognise who you are as a business.

Next you need to decide what you want to achieve. In-queue and on-hold audio provides the perfect opportunity to boost sales, provide additional info, and build your brand. With a captive audience, if you create an engaging experience, they’ll be sure to listen more closely. So, businesses should put their biggest offers at the start, when callers are most keen and engaged. 

But they should also take into consideration the way a message is worded as this plays a huge part in its success. If the tone is too pushy, its likely you’ll lose a caller.

Ultimately, the right script can build a brand, which is why Radius Audio Marketing (RAM) already has 10,000+ professionally scripted messages that can be filtered by industry and message type, and then implemented instantly.

Finally, businesses should put themselves in their callers’ shoes – listen to the on-hold experience and make sure it’s relevant and helps improve a caller’s experience.

At Radius Connect, we can help you take advantage of on-hold marketing to boost your business on its growth journey. Radius Connect and Radius’ other solutions including Radius Vehicle Solutions and business comparison site iCompario, can help your business harness its potential.

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