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reBuy confirms acquisition of TRG

Paul Lipscombe
August 25, 2021

reBuy launched in the UK last year through TRG

British technology firm Technology Recycle Group (TRG) has been acquired by mobile phone recycler reBuy.

Germany-based reBuy is one of Europe’s biggest mobile phone recyclers and launched in the UK last year through TRG as its official UK partner.

The company also operates across a number of European markets including Austria, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

TRG specialises in trading used smartphones and tablets, with the move allowing for reBuy to expand out from mobile.

Commenting on the acquisition TRG CEO Sam Hargreaves said: “With reBuy we have found the perfect partner to use our know-how to contribute to the growth of the circular economy.

“The cooperation over the past two years has shown that we are pursuing the same goals, and I am convinced that together we will continue to expand our strong role in the international re-commerce business in the long term.”

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