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July 26, 2021

Mobile channel’s first online show

Mobile News’ first online show Mobile News XPO Virtual is here. The online event sponsored by Samsung, Vodafone Business and PCS Wireless will run for at least three months and will feature new seminars and workshops from leading channel analysts and decision makers.

Seminars so far are available for viewing are CCS Insight’s Ben Wood and Bullit Group’s Nick Muir evaluating the rugged phones sector, co-founder Keith Curran on how myplan has introduced an undreamed of level of SIM control for clients, Bastion’s John Fannon on the opportunities for partner revenue from gadget, CCS Insight’s Kester Mann on the challenges facing dealers and

Exhibitors so far are Samsung, Vodafone Business, Data Select,, DWS, IQ Mobile, Propel Finance and Satya Tech. One-time registration is free and valid for the three-month duration. More seminars and content will be added each week.

For obvious reasons it has not been possible to host a live show this year Nevertheless we’re sure Mobile News XPO Virtual will prove to be an unqualified success for exhibitors and participants.

“The three-month duration gives plenty of opportunities to curate the best content we can”, said Mobile News editorial director Ian White.

To exhibit at Mobile News XPO Virtual contact Kurran Jagpal on 07747632553 (

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