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Xiaomi announces Mi Mix Alpha concept phone with wrap-around screen

Ian White
September 24, 2019

Xiaomi announces wrap-around screen and 108MP camera device

Xiaomi has announced a new concept phone, The Mi MIX Alpha. It has a Surround Display, 180.6 per cent screen-to-body ratio, 5G, and the first 108MP phone camera. Xiaomi aims to start small-scale production of the Mi MIX Alpha at the end of December and sell it in China for RMB19,999 (£2,250).

The Chinese vendor explained in a statement: “Unlike traditional smartphone assembly methods, Mi MIX Alpha’s internal assembly is first carried out, while its display layer, touch panel, and protection layers are laminated one-by-one. All display component layers are compiled in that order to achieve high curvature Surround Display design, so the internal stress caused by bending the display layers can be released layer by layer.

“To achieve a smooth and flat surface, Mi MIX Alpha also uses a durable protective layer which optimises the screen stack structure.”

 Minimal bezels

“To accommodate the nearly all-screen device MIX Alpha has minimal bezels on the top and bottom, and ditches the physical side buttons altogether. A brand-new display acoustic technology replaces the traditional earpiece receiver and proximity sensor while the device’s sides are pressure-sensitive and leverage a linear motor to simulate the touch of real buttons.

The Mi MIX Alpha features a 108MP camera with the highest resolution, highest pixel count, and the largest sensor found in any smartphone ever – marking another important milestone in smartphone photography.

 “The main 108MP camera sports a 1/1.33-inch large sensor – 389% larger than the 48MP camera. This image sensor is capable of producing 108MP photos with a resolution of 12032 x 9024 pixels and supports four-in-one Super Pixel to produce large 1.6?m pixels under low-light conditions. The camera also supports new technologies such as ISOCELL Plus and smart ISO, and is equipped with four-axis optical image stabilization (OIS) to ensure stable video.”

Titanium frame

In addition to its innovative Surround Display, Mi MIX Alpha’s top and bottom parts of the frame are built with aerospace-grade titanium alloy. The alloy is three times stronger than stainless steel but weighs less. On its back, the entire protective cover for the camera area uses a single piece of sapphire glass, which is embedded in ceramic.

On the performance front, Mi MIX Alpha uses the same flagship-grade Snapdragon 855+ mobile SoC as the Mi 9 Pro 5G and supports 5G bands of the three major carriers in Mainland China. The device also features the top-tier 12GB+512GB memory and storage combination and supports UFS3.0. Mi MIX Alpha is equipped with a 4050mAh battery and comes with a standard 40W wired fast charge.

Xiaomi adds: “The mission of the Mi MIX concept smartphone is to make a truly disruptive product without considering the costs and return, and without considering mass production.”

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