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Xiaomi labels analyst shipment figures “incorrect” and “unfair”

Manny Pham
May 7, 2019

Xiaomi has released its actual smartphone shipment figure for Q1 to protect investors

Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi said shipment figures for Q1 2019 given by analyst firms were inaccurate.

The figures prompted Xiaomi to reveal its Q1 shipment figures which was over 27.5 million smartphones, to prevent investors from being misled.

Xiaomi did not name the analyst firms but said in a statement: “The board of directors is aware that recently several media publications quoted some information from certain market research institutions about our estimated shipment of smartphones in the first quarter of 2019.

“The information is inaccurate and unfair, and deviates from our actual performance in terms of shipment of smartphones.

Canalys were not far off reporting 27.8m placing Xiaomi as the fourth largest vendor, while IDC stated 25m and IHS Markit reported 24.7m placing Xiaomi in fourth and fifth respectively on the global scale.

Canalys said in a statement: “Canalys wants to make it absolutely clear that it was not the company responsible for the inaccurate data and that its reputation remains unblemished”.

It carries on to state its figure (27.8m) “compares closely” with Xiaomi’s official figure.

IDC associate vice president of devices Francisco Jeronimo said: “We go through a diligent process to ensure we record the most accurate number possible through our contacts in channels and through our analysts speaking to local vendor representatives on the ground.

“The 2.75m gap between our figure and Xiaomi’s is preliminary and within the range. Between preliminary and final results our local analysts engage with their local operations to verify the results and adjustments are made in line with the data gathered.”

IHS Markit declined to comment.

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