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Wileyfox launches advert-based smartphone discount initiative

Manny Pham
December 7, 2017

The Swift 2 Plus is £189.99 without Add-X and with Add-X it goes down to £119.99 a 37 per cent saving

Wileyfox has launched Add-X, an initiative where customers can buy Wileyfox SIM-free smartphones at a discount in exchange for having adverts on lock screens.

Add-X is a software platform developed internally by the British manufacturer, available across its range.

Wileyfox smartphones with Add-X pre-installed  can be bought from retail partners: Amazon UK, Carphone Warehouse, eBay and

Customers can save on average 42 per cent across the Wileyfox range. For example, the Swift 2 Plus is £189.99 without, and with Add-X it goes down to £119.99 a 37 per cent saving.

Users will see a quick advert or special promotion on lock screens which can be immediately dismissed, no timed adverts will be displayed on Add-X Wileyfox devices.

Advert partners include pizza chain Domino’s and multimedia entertainment firm Ministry of Sound Group, among others.

Wileyfox CEO Michael Coombes said: “At Wileyfox we’re committed to shaking up the competition again, to give our customers the best smartphone for their budget. And with Add-X we’re smashing expectations at an even higher level reducing the costs across our range upfront, while also giving the consumer even more ways to be “wiley”.



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