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Vodafone UK reintroduces ‘roaming passes’ for new users

Saf Malik
August 9, 2021

The network follows EE in bringing back roaming charges

Vodafone UK has announced that it will reintroduce “roaming passes” for new and upgrading users from August 11.

The passes will come into effect on January 6 2022 and will charge users £2 per day. Customers will be given the option to buy eight and 15 day passes for £1 per day under the new rules.

EE was the first network to reintroduce roaming charges to its users, revealing the plans in June.

In June, a spokesperson for Vodafone told Mobile News: “We have no current plans to change our approach to roaming in the EU.”

PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore said:

“The harsh realities of Brexit are becoming more evident, the gift that keeps on taking. Wholesale roaming rates will change given UK’s exit and this, in turn, will inevitably drive higher prices without EU protection. It’s a pretty easy decision for UK telcos.

“All telcos are struggling with margins being squeezed and are seeking ways of increasing revenue while investing billions in costly next-generation fixed and mobile networks.

“A saving grace for phone users is that the telcos have made moves designed to avoid unexpected bill shocks.

“Flat rate fees for those who do not have roaming included as standard in selected plans will provide some transparency.

“EE moved first and unfairly took the brunt of the news.

“I fully expect others to follow suit, not a question of if but when. Timing will be important given the arrival of new devices. You can foresee Three seeking to maintain its existing position for as long as possible to ensure some form of differentiation over rivals.

“We have seen time after time that costs always get passed onto consumers.

“Phone users will now need to be savvier when travelling abroad. Some will have roaming included on higher-priced plans and premium devices, while others will be forced to look at switching to Wi-Fi and take out local e-sim options.”

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