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Vodafone tests 5G on smartphone-like device

Manny Pham
February 7, 2019

Using 5G Vodafone downloaded a 45 minute-length movie over 5G in just 24 seconds

Vodafone, in partnership with Qualcomm and Ericsson has began testing ‘over the air’ 5G this week in a form factor similar to a smartphone.

The test utilises a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem, which is expected to feature in many future handsets.

The operator said 5G smartphones will be able to stream high-resolution videos, cast gaming and web browsing 10 times faster than 4G. 5G will be key technology to enable 3D holographic calling through smartphones, said the operator. Vodafone demonstrated the technology first in the UK last year.

The latest test forms part of Vodafone’s UK-wide trial of 5G in: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Earlier this week, Vodafone engineers in Salford, Greater Manchester, downloaded an hour and 45 minute-length movie over 5G in just 24 seconds. The same movie over fast 4G (using carrier aggregation) took one minute and 35 seconds to download.

Vodafone UK Chief executive Nick Jeffery said: “We made the UK’s first live 5G 3D holographic call between Manchester and Newbury five months ago. Soon after, we carried the UK’s first 5G call over a live mobile network. Today, we are testing technology that will power 5G smartphones. Another first in the UK.”

Ericsson head of 5G Commercialization Thomas Noren said: “We’re making headway on mobile devices as an integral part of the 5G ecosystem. Ericsson continues to drive the commercial readiness of 5G by future-proofing this ecosystem. Together with Qualcomm, we continue to advance the testing of 5G NR networks with mobile devices and support Vodafone in deploying 5G across the UK.”


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