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Vodafone showcases second phase of 5G technology

Paul Lipscombe
July 3, 2020

he standalone technology has the potential to “open up 5G” says Vodafone CTO 

Vodafone has marked a year since its 5G launch with the introduction of its second phase of 5G technology. 

The operator becomes the first UK operator to showcase the new network which is known as ‘standalone’ 5G technology.

Vodafone has confirmed that Coventry University will be the first place to showcase the network.

This standalone technology allows for ultra-low latency, guaranteed speed performance and a more enhanced IoT offering according to Vodafone. 

Vodafone has launched 5G across 44 locations in the UK, with a further 70 in the EU.

Vodafone UK chief technology officer Scott Petty has hailed the next phase as a “landmark” for Vodafone.

Petty said: “With this new live network we’re demonstrating the future potential of 5G and how it will be so valuable to the UK economy.

“This new phase of 5G starts to deliver on the incredible capabilities of 5G that have had so much attention, but haven’t yet been brought to life.” 

Coventry University will use the new 5G network to trial state-of-the-art virtual reality technologies. 

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