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Vodafone pledges ‘most accurate’ broadband speeds for customers

Alex Yau
September 27, 2016

The operator made the promise after signing to Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice

Vodafone has promised all its customers will be guaranteed the most accurate broadband download speeds after adding its name to Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice.

The code will require the operator to notify new and upgrading customers of the actual minimum and maximum speeds they can expect in their area. This means the network is unable to use the term ‘up to’ when selling broadband speed. Use of the phrase has often been criticised for being too vague. If the minimum speeds cannot be met, Vodafone will allow subscribers to leave given they provide 28 days of notice.

This announcement comes a month after the operator abolished all line rental charges for new and upgrading ‘Unlimited Fibre Broadband’ customers.

Vodafone UK commercial director Glafkos Persianis said: “Since we entered the market just over a year ago, we have pledged to make a difference by scrapping the out dated and often misleading practices, which have plagued this market.

“The days of promising theoretical “up to” speeds are over – if a customer does not receive the speeds that they were promised, we will try to fix that, and if that does not work then they are free to leave, no questions asked.”

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