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Vodafone Business and Lenovo Connect establish International IoT initiative

Staff Reporter
February 28, 2023

Lenovo devices get customised SIMS for always-on IoT connections

Vodafone Business and Lenovo Connect have teamed up to offer a customised IoT service to allow customers with Lenovo smart devices to automatically connect ver Vodafone’s global IoT network. Lenovo devices will have a Vodafone Business IoT SIM integrating with the Lenovo Connect App.

Lenovo Connect is an IoT subsidiary of Lenovo LCIG. It focuses on two smart interactive devices and smart connected vehicles.

The service launches in Spain in May and will connect over 40,000 devices with the Lenovo Connect App for Spanish customers. It will later be rolled out across Europe.

Vodafone Spain tweaked its IoT platform to comply with Spanish regulation whilst meeting Lenovo Connect’s ambition of enabling devices to be always connected.

Vodafone Business’ leadership runs more than 159  million IoT SIMs and growing. The European IoT industry is projected to reach $12.3 billion by 2031, having grown 19 per cent from 2022 to 2031, and the partnership will enable customers to maximise the potential of this technology.

Lenovo Connect and Vodafone will leverage technology, complementary resources, and platform integration to build higher-quality international intelligent connectivity services to help enterprises embark on their digital and intelligent transformation journey,” said Wang Shuai, VP of Lenovo Group and CEO of Lenovo Connect,


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