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Vodafone launches ‘unbeatable’ new trade-in offer

Megan Robinson
August 2, 2022

Customers will be guaranteed the price they are quoted when they use Vodafone’s new enhanced Trade-In Tool via the MyVodafone App

Vodafone has announced a new trade-in offer that gives customers the best value for their current smartphone and claims to provide ‘unbeatable’ value.

Using Vodafone’s Trade-In Tool, customers can get an instant evaluation of how much their smartphone is worth before it is sent and getting a quote takes less than five minutes.

Daily price checks will be carried out so Vodafone can never be beaten on trade-in prices, and customers can use the My Vodafone App instead of going in store.

To Trade-in, customers can use the Trade-In Tool to check their current phone is suitable for the unbeatable offer, and choose a new handset and enter their trade-in code.

Customers can choose how they receive the value of the device that’s been traded-in through cash, credit or monthly saving- and they can send their old phone using the pre-paid returns pack or take it into any Vodafone store within 14 days of the new airtime plan starting.

Vodafone resells 97 per cent of phones that are traded in and those that cannot be sold are recycled instead.


Vodafone UK consumer director Max Taylor said: “People across the UK are understandably extremely value-conscious right now, but we know many still want to get their hands on the latest tech. 

“So for anyone thinking about getting a new smartphone, we urge them to consider trading in with Vodafone as we can guarantee they won’t get a better price for their current device anywhere else.

“Getting better value for your current smartphone means that you’ll be able to get the latest handset at a more affordable price, saving you money at a time when it’s really needed.”

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