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Vodafone launches Gigacube B818 wireless router

Paul Lipscombe
January 22, 2021

The router can connect up to 64 devices and is available through fixed term or rolling contracts

Vodafone has launched a new wireless mobile router that converts its 4G network into a WiFi network instead.

The instant WiFi solution launched by the operator is called the Gigacube B818, and is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 1.6Gbps and upload speeds of 150Mbps.

According to Vodafone it’s designed for both consumers and businesses and can connect up to 64 devices.

The router has a WiFi range of 250 metres and is a plug and play device.

Vodafone customers can either choose a fixed term or rolling contract, with the option to have up to 300GB of data per month.

Customers can choose between 100GB, 200GB or 300GB of data, with prices for a 24-month contract beginning at £30 per month for 100GB.

For customers wanting it for 30 days there is an upfront cost of £100 plus the £30 fee for 100GB of data for a month.

Vodafone has also revealed that business customers that want fixed broadband can receive 12 months’ free for 2021.

This offer is available on a 36-month plan to all small businesses (one to 50 employees), including existing Vodafone customers that are ready to upgrade, until February 28.

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