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Vodafone launches flexible mobile plans for SMEs

Paul Lipscombe
May 14, 2021

Plans begin from £10 per month

Vodafone has launched a new range of flexible mobile plans for small and medium sized businesses.

The plans are launched under the name Business Evolve and are available for businesses with 10 to 150 employees.

Vodafone has created the plans to give more flexibility to businesses and ensures these customers only pay for what they need.

The Evolve plan enables businesses to choose how they use data, how devices are acquired and allow them to add new lines when needed, plus adjust any additional bundles.

Businesses are able to choose between 12-month, 24-month and 36-month plans and can choose inclusive international minutes – in order to keep in touch with partners and suppliers overseas while travel is disrupted.


Businesses can choose from four 5G-ready plans, with all plans including unlimited voice calls and texts in the UK.

The cheapest of the four is the Business Voice plan which at £10 per month includes unlimited calls and texts.

The next option is the Business Starter plan that offers unlimited calls and texts, MMS and the option of either 2GB, 6GB, 12GB or 25GB of data, beginning at £15 per month.

Vodafone’s Business Pro plan costs £25 per month and allows users to get unlimited data, calls and texts, while the Business Data plan begins from £17.50 per month and comes with data that can be shared across the team.

Commenting on the launch of Business Evolve, Vodafone UK business director Anne Sheehan (pictured) said: “We have designed Business Evolve specifically for SMEs, giving them as much flexibility and control over their mobile plans as possible.

“We know SMEs are having to rapidly adapt their ways of working thanks to the pandemic and the rise in remote working. And we know the future is uncertain. These plans give them the flexibility to adapt to whatever’s next.”

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