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Vodafone launches Business Optimiser plan for large enterprises

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 6, 2018

Plans are available for businesses with over 250 employees and make sure that the business do not pay for more than the usage if their employees

Vodafone has launched the Business Optimiser mobile payment plan for organisations with over 250 employees.

The plan ensure that businesses are only charged for what each individual employee uses by data usage and applying an allowance that suits what they are using.

Each month employees data usage is reset to 0GB and as they use their phone and exceed the lowest data allowance, the next highest plan is applied and so on until the end of the month.

Business Optimiser can be applied to plans for voice or data or both and can also be applied to Business Traveller plans as well as Vodafone World Zone for £5 per day. Businesses can also set caps on data usage and, along with the employee, can receive regular usage updates.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Anne Sheehan said: “I believe Business Optimiser is a game-changer. It provides businesses with the flexibility and control they need, and the peace of mind that they are not spending more than they need to. This means they can focus on what matters most to their business.”

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