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Vodafone apologises to dealers over revenue share errors

Paul Withers
November 5, 2013

Operator reiterates its ‘sincere apologies’ after several dealers complain of a number of inaccuracies in revenue share reports

Vodafone has apologised to its dealer partners after admitting “technical issues” with its newly launched ongoing revenue share system have resulted in inaccurate payments.

Several dealers have contacted Mobile News to vent their frustration since the payment structure was introduced in August – with many comparing it to problems faced by EE (now resolved) after switching to its new SAP system earlier this year.

Vodafone dealers’ list of problems included reports listing telephone numbers they never connected,  incorrect tariff details, incorrect calculations on payments owed, numbers not connecting, numbers missing account names, and some payments including VAT and some not.

One platinum partner said: “When you are on revenue share it has to be an exact replica of your base spend, and it isn’t. The values and percentages on the report aren’t as they should be.
“I can’t get my head around how all the networks can say that revenue share is the way forward but then demonstrate a startling inability to pay it correctly. This is egg on face for Vodafone, considering it delayed the launch of its model in the first place to get it absolutely right.”

Serious issue
A gold partner added: “This is a really serious issue and could cease a dealer’s ability to trade. There is an unbelievable administrative burden on a dealer’s business to reconcile commission payments. Vodafone can’t be trusted to get it right.”

Vodafone was scheduled to send what it said would be the first correct reports for the August payment run on October 29, but at the time of writing dealers claimed they hadn’t received it.

Vodafone UK head of partner services Rob Mukherjee told Mobile News it was working hard to rectify the problem: “We’re aware of a temporary technical issue with our reporting system. We’d like to reiterate our sincere apologies to partners who have been affected and reassure them that we’re working to resolve the issue and send the updated reports as soon as possible. We’re also taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

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