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Majority of Brits believe drones will positively impact the future

Megan Robinson
November 24, 2021

49pc are optimistic or excited about the potential of drone technology

Research by Project XCelerate, led by BT and Altitude Angel, shows that 68 per cent of the British public believe drones will have a positive impact on the future.

Those surveyed were asked if they wanted to see drones used for risky jobs instead of people, and 49pc said yes.

Many wanted to see drones used for crimes, with 65pc wanting drones to track criminals and 73pc wanting them to be used for investigating crime scenes.

The over 65s cited human safety as the biggest benefit of drone use, while the under 30’s believed the environmental benefits were important to drone use.

However, 38pc of people still have concerns about drone use in the UK, with the main concerns being around drone misuse, public safety, privacy and personal data.

BT’s head of drone solutions Dave Pankhurst said: “It’s encouraging to see that broadly the public recognise the future opportunities of drone technology, and the positive impact drones can have on society through providing potentially life-saving services. 

“But the findings also highlight the need to better inform the public to help address any concerns they might have around the acceleration of drones in our everyday lives.”

Altitude Angel CEO and founder Richard Parker added: “Project XCelerate will demonstrate how drones can support ground-breaking use cases such as search and rescue missions, infrastructure inspection, and even the delivery of medical supplies to help improve access to healthcare in remote communities.”

The research is part of BT’s work to create a commercial drone zone in open and unrestricted airspace as part of the ‘Project XCelerate’ consortium.

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