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Virgin Media teams up with Plume to offer all UK households HomePass service

Paul Lipscombe
September 20, 2021

The service is available from an annual cost of £99

Virgin Media has partnered up with Plume to offer all UK households with smart home services.

The partnership sees Virgin Media collaborating with the smart home services provider to offer Plume’s HomePass smart home service to all UK homes.

This will even cover areas that are not yet served by Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband network.

The HomePass service is available for an annual cost of £99 and can work with all internet service providers and uses cloud-controlled adaptive WiFi pods that create a self-optimising WiFi network throughout the home

A number of smart home features come with HomePass, including motion awareness, with real-time alerts if unexpected movement is detected within the home.

It is also capable of protecting users and connected devices from ads, hacks and a variety of cyber-attack threats.


Users can manage all their devices connected to their network through a dedicated HomePass app, where they can customise passwords, change settings and enable parental controls.

The pods that are used to distribute the WiFi around the house can be placed anywhere in the house and unplugged easily without the need for an engineer.

Sigrid van den Houte, Director of Products & Propositions (Fixed & FMC), said: “By teaming up with Plume, we’re able to offer a smarter, faster, and safer WiFi experience to everyone – even people living in areas where our services aren’t yet available.

“With HomePass’ plug and play pods and host of smart home features, we’re excited to be transforming WiFi in homes around the country.”

Plume chief direct business officer Christian Constant added: “Now everyone in the UK can benefit from whole-home WiFi, intelligent device security, personalised parental controls, guest access and motion sensing, even if they are not Virgin Media broadband subscribers.”

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