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Gamma tempts UC resellers back to mobile with new Tariff Optimiser

Ian White
September 28, 2021

Gamma introduces new flexible Bolt-On for customers

Unified comms provider Gamma is tempting its UC resellers to be more enthusiastic about mobile comms by offering them a flexible tariff they can sell called Tariff Optimiser.

This is a Bolt-On that continually adjusts a client’s tariff so they are always on the best rate.

Gamma’s research revealed that many of them avoided mobile, as they deemed it a risk because of the multiple choices of networks and infinite array of tariff possibilities. “We asked why they don’t offer mobile. One reason is the perception of risk. Out of any UC product we deliver, there was more perception of risk of delivering mobile”, said Gamma head of the connectivity practice Rob Kittler at the company’s recent roadshow.

“There are multiple networks and multiple tariffs, and the high street is selling mobile. So it’s very competitive. Mobile can be scary if you have never sold it before”.

Kittler said unlimited data tariffs remove some risks of bill shock, but they have also removed some of the margins. Gamma Mobile runs on Three UK’s network, and the company says it can offer the benefits of all the £2 billion- worth of Three spectrum improvements.

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