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Verve Connect extends UNISOC agreement with eye on European growth

Paul Lipscombe
November 26, 2019

Verve Connect are eyeing growth across Europe next year

Verve Connect has signed a long-term agreement with UNISOC to develop and use its technology across a range of devices in Europe.

UNISOC specialise in supplying 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G chipsets for mobile and IoT applications and is planning to launch its new 5G chipset based on its Makalu technology platform next year.

Verve Connect which has its own smartphone challenger brand IMO, has worked with UNISOC to develop its 4G routers and smartphones.

The vendor is looking to grow its European reach next year with UNISOC’s 5G chipset solution set to power IMO’s range of 5G devices in 2020.

Verve Connect’s chief marketing officer Chris Edwards has said the partnership will “enable our strong growth in 2020.”

“The two businesses are planning to collaborate across R&D, product development and commercial positioning to ensure devices are well targeted in the market,” said Edwards.

UNISOC executive vice president Eric Zhou added: “UNISOC can develop at protocol level with Verve Connect for better performance with more effective time-scale and technical compliance for our carriers and other telco customers.5G

“With our customers accelerating re-farming spectrum to 4G and driving up 5G deployment, UNISOC is looking to strengthen our support to more vibrant and energetic enterprises like Verve Connect in 2020.”

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