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Uswitch to sell eSIM Go data-only eSIMs to travellers from 13p a day

Staff Reporter
June 7, 2024

Comparison site has teamed up with eSIM Go to launch data-only travel eSIMs, offering prices from 13p a day.

Customers can sign up online and connect to local networks at their destination or before they travel for instant connection on an eSIM-compatible device. The travel eSIMs use mobile data onl and exclude regular network calls or SMS messages. says it is now the first major UK comparison website to offer travel eSIMs alongside traditional UK SIM deals. The eSIMs come with several data package options, including 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and more. When compared to roaming charges for Pay As You Go mobile provider offers in the UK, eSIMs come out as the clear winner.

Uswitch calculates that someone traveling to Morocco without a roaming cap and using 10GB of data could be billed £56,166, compared with £17 with a Uswitch eSIM.

Even those visiting European countries may still benefit from an eSIM depending on their contract. UK mobile providers charge Pay As You Go roaming fees around 2p per MB for France, Spain, and Greece, for instance. A UK customer without EU roaming included in their home package using 10GB of data could see a bill of £214, compared to just £11 with a travel eSIM,” says Uswitch.

Couldrick: exciting opportunity to bring high-quality eSIMs to a wider audience

Zacchary Couldrick, CEO and Co-Founder of eSIM Go, comments: “Partnering with a UK consumer champion like Uswitch is a really exciting opportunity to bring high-quality eSIMs to a wider audience in time for the big summer getaway. We’ll be helping holidaymakers and other travellers get their first taste of how easy it is to stay connected abroad.”

Ernest Doku, Uswitch head of commercial for broadband and mobile, added: “After years of campaigning for better roaming protection, it’s brilliant to be able to offer a solution that really can give consumers peace of mind against shock roaming charges.

Doku: peace of mind against shock roaming charges.


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