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Uswitch advises consumers to check mobile contracts before heading abroad

Megan Robinson
May 26, 2022

Many Brits will be taking a break over the Jubilee bank holiday in early June

Uswitch has warned customers that they could be charged extra for using their phones overseas, and are urging users to check before they go.

VOXI will reintroduce roaming charges for its customers travelling to the EU from May 27, making it the latest UK mobile provider to do so.

Roaming rules, plans and costs for using calls, texts and data abroad vary depending on which network provider consumers use, which makes it confusing to travel with your phone.

Uswitch mobiles expert Catherine Hiley said: “With over 10,000 flights expected to depart from UK airports in this period, this will be the first time travelling abroad for many holidaymakers since the reintroduction of roaming charges – but it shouldn’t be a voyage into the unknown.

“As part of your pre-holiday plans, check your provider’s rules to see if there are any charges for the country you are visiting. Most countries in the EU should be covered by your network’s standard package and you might be able to make extra savings by buying a special holiday pass or roaming add-on.

“If you are concerned about unexpected charges, the safest bet is to keep data roaming switched off and make good use of free Wi-Fi.”

You can read more about data roaming on Uswitch’s guide here.

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