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Lease Group reports strong channel uptake of its Flexi-Rental solution

Paul Lipscombe
May 25, 2022

Flexi-Rental helps customers to buy the latest tech at significantly discounted prices

Technology finance provider Lease Group has reported strong uptake for its channel-specific sales enablement tool, ‘Flexi-Rental’.

Flexi-Rental allows Lease Group’s customers to buy the latest equipment and technology through discounted lease repayments.

Lease Group, which supports over 850 suppliers, launched the low-start rental solution to assist its partners during a difficult financial climate, amid a cost-of-living crisis and rising costs for technology.

With Flexi-Rental, partners are able to get a six month lease payment at a 50 per cent discount, with the payment increasing to a level more in-line with the customer’s budget and affordability after this period.

Lease Group initially piloted the solution with partners during the pandemic.

It is available to customers who adhere to Lease Group’s standard credit criteria, while it can be applied to any equipment or software type.

Sales enabler

“Flexi-Rental is a unique offering that helps Partners to get to the ‘yes’ with customers who are restricted by short-term budget constraints,” said Lease Group marketing director Simon Fabb (pictured).

“It’s a great sales enabler and we’ve had fantastic traction so far. In essence, Partners are writing new business today that would have otherwise been pipelined for later in the year.”

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