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UK fairly fear-free for 5G reveals YouGov study

Paul Lipscombe
August 17, 2021

Less than a fifth of UK users are worried about 5G compared to other nations

People in the UK are among the least concerned about the safety of 5G, according to a study by YouGov.

The country was bottom of the list in the survey of 18,000 consumers across 17 key global markets, with just under a fifth (18 per cent) of respondents saying they were concerned about the technology when asked whether they agreed with the statement ‘I am worried about 5G networks’.

Most UK people (59 per cent) disagreed with the statement, while 23 per cent said they didn’t know.

All four of the country’s mobile operators have launched 5G services across large parts of the country.

Across the countries surveyed, meanwhile, YouGov found that about three in ten adults are worried about 5G networks.

India registered the highest level of concern, with 52 per cent of people agreeing with the statement, followed by the UAE (48 per cent) and, somewhat surprisingly, China (41 per cent) – where the rollout of 5G has been vast.

This comes as scepticism about the technology has grown in the past couple of years, with online conspiracy theories particularly rife during the early stages of the pandemic and unproven theories linking COVID-19 to 5G.

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