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Trump extends telecoms trade ban on Huawei until May 2021

Paul Lipscombe
May 14, 2020

Huawei were placed on the Entity List this time last year

US President Donald Trump has extended the telecoms trade ban that hit Huawei last year, until May 2021.

This ban means that US companies cannot work with, or buy telecommunications equipment from companies perceived to be a ‘national security threat’.

Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE are on this list.

Huawei was added to the US Entity List nearly a year ago, due to concerns around security.

This ban has led to Huawei not being able to use Google services in its new smartphones.

However Huawei was granted a temporary reprieve to continue trade by the Department of Commerce (DoC) last year.

This extension is due to expire tomorrow (May 15), but Reuters has reported a further extension is expected.

Trump and the US Administration has regularly urged other countries to impose similar restrictions on Huawei.

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