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TRG partners up with Ooodles to further push circular economy drive

Paul Lipscombe
July 18, 2022

TRG has taken over Ooodles online trade-in service

Technology Recycle Group (TRG) has struck a partnership with technology rental service Ooodles to introduce a trade-in option.

High Wycombe-based TRG will take on Ooodles trade-in program, with plans to expand the services that the B2B service can provide.

Through the partnership, TRG now runs Ooodles online trade-in service and has created a white label trade-in page for them within the Ooodles website, as both set out to drive the circular economy.

Ooodles specialises in offering its customers the chance to rent electronic devices including premium phones, laptops plus more, offering a flexible fully serviced PAYG monthly model.

“The partnership with TRG allows Ooodles to extend their service with a Trade-In option, facilitating the customer transition to Ooodles and extending the lifecycle of the older devices.”, said Ooodles CEO Leonardo Poggiali.

TRG head of partnerships Sam Hargreaves added: “We are excited to launch our partnership with Ooodles in the aim of offering a sustainable way for consumers to sell their old tech and rent a device instead.”

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