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TMT First aims to double revenues

Jasper Hart
January 22, 2020

TMT hopes measures will drive growth plans

TMT First is hoping to double its revenue year-on-year in 2020, as the Staffordshire-based Samsung-accredited repair firm looks to target the SME sector.

Founder and managing director Adam Whitehouse points to “six-figure” investments in new marketing activities, machinery and technical staff, with the firm looking to add a minimum of 20 new staff over the course of the year.

Other additions to the business include an online portal that allows clients to track the progress of their devices in the repair cycle, which went live last week, and a new website expected to launch this week.

The firm was previously focused on device configuration and data wiping for vendors and retailers, but since it moved to a 40,000 square- foot warehouse in Newcastle-under- Lyme four years ago, it has shifted focus towards being an authorised repair partner for Samsung.

“We’re not using 50 per cent of the potential of the building at this moment in time, so we won’t have the distraction of having to move buildings as we go through this growth phase,” said Whitehouse.

Early last year, Whitehouse recruited former HMD, HTC and Samsung sales head Jon French as chairman to help him with the growth plans.

“Jon has a great contact list, and I’m already benefiting from his guidance and experience,” said Whitehouse. “It’s key that I work with someone with the industry knowledge and experience that Jon has.”

French said on the importance of repairs for businesses: “The backbone of this country is SMEs. By far the largest number of corporations and businesses are below 10 people today, and if you have one person out of the loop, that hurts a lot more than it does in a company of 10,000.

“This is such an open field, and there are so many customers that we talk to looking for alternatives to their current situation. Capex can easily be offset by the increase in business that we can achieve.”

TMT First has launched partnerships with local institutions including Keele University and Staffordshire University to source potential new staff, and is in the early stages of developing a “Samsung training academy” in the Midlands that will also help in this pursuit.

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