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Tesco Mobile partners up with Crisis to help connect homeless

Paul Lipscombe
August 19, 2020

The MVNO is aiming to raise awareness of how important connectivity is for the homeless 

Tesco Mobile has struck a two-year partnership with Crisis to help the homeless across the UK to reconnect with society.

The MVNO will donate £700,000 worth of phones, devices and connectivity during the first year of the partnership.

Crisis is a charity that sets out to end homelessness in the UK.

This partnership sets out to bridge the gap between those feeling digitally excluded.

It is estimated that there are currently over 170,000 families and individuals that fall into the bracket of dealing with the worst forms of homelessness in the UK.

However during the pandemic it has been revealed that homeless charities and organisations had seen an increase in the number of people feeling digitally excluded (76 per cent).

While this study also revealed three-quarters (75 per cent) of these organisations have struggled to support those experiencing homelessness due to a lack of digital technology or internet.

However this partnership aims to encourage people to donate old smartphones as part of Crisis’ Home for All campaign.


According to the MVNO’s survey, 76pc of Brits are unaware of the role that mobile phones and connectivity can play in battling against homelessness.

Tesco Mobile CEO Tom Denyard said: “For many people living without a permanent home, digital connectivity is a necessary lifeline.

“An important part of our partnership with Crisis will be in helping to deliver connectivity to those who need it most.”

Crisis chief executive Jon Sparkes added: “Access to a phone or to the internet has been vital for so many people throughout the pandemic to stay connected, yet it’s something we know people experiencing homelessness often don’t have, and this adds to feelings of isolation and anxiety.”

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