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Vodafone launches second broadband line dedicated for home working

Paul Lipscombe
August 18, 2020

Prices for the second broadband line start from £21 per month

Vodafone has unveiled a second broadband line for its customers so that they can have dedicated broadband for home working.

It comes as millions of Brits continue to work from home during this Covid-19 pandemic.

However there will also be a second broadband line for browsing, streaming and gaming.

The service is called ‘Work and Play’ and is available to both new and existing customers and starts from £21 per month.

Vodafone says the service allows its users to make video calls without impacting on the rest of the households internet usage.

Those customers that purchase the second line will receive Vodafone’s WiFi hub. This will provide smart features of the Vodafone Broadband App to help manage their connection.


Prices begin at £21 per month on Vodafone’s 35mbs superfast broadband with Vodafone Together.

While prices start from £23 for those without a mobile plan and £25 per month for customers that choose the 67mbs option.

The operator claims its service can save customers £700 in comparison to a similar service offered by BT.

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