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Telecoms supplier Ciena unveils several 5G products

Saf Malik
February 19, 2020

Technology has potential to create a connected Smart City 

Ciena has announced several new products and capabilities to its 5G network solutions that will aid the UK 5G market.

The telecoms supplier aims to fuel operators’ migration from 4G to 5G. Ciena says this will support the delivery of differentiated 5G services such as eMBB, mMTC, and ultra-reliable Low Latency Communications.

Ciena’s 5G-optimised routers will allow MNOs and wholesale network operators to meet the low-latency, high-performance demands of front-haul, mid-haul and backhaul transport.

Ciena VP of product line management Joe Marsella said: “There’s no doubt that 5G brings a lot of excitement and anticipation on how future networks will change our daily lives – in the UK and globally.

“Utilising a high-performance wireline network is critical to enable the promises of 5G, to deliver an ever-increasing volume of video and gaming content, and richer experiences enabled by AR and VR.

“The technology also has the potential to create an abundantly connected Smart City environment which will allow vehicles, appliances, buildings, humans, and a variety of other machines to all communicate in real-time.”

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