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Our Perspective readies launch of case company

Jasper Hart
February 19, 2020

The brand will sell through its website, plus Amazon and eBay

Our Perspective co-directors Jason Kemp and Roy Taylor are launching a phone case and screen protection company, and hope to sell more than 250,000 units in its first year.

Genuine Case Company will launch on March 1, initially providing cases and screen protectors for Alcatel phones, with another brand to be announced soon.

“Alcatel sells two million phones in the UK, 10 million in Europe, and 30 million worldwide per year,” said Kemp. “They’re an under-represented brand in the market, but they bring in enough value to make it worthwhile.”

Kemp is hoping to add more under- represented brands to the company’s portfolio. “Everyone makes cases for Apple and Samsung; for other brands, it’s trickier. We see these as opportunities.” The firm’s cases and screen protectors will all retail at £9.95. “We want to deliver best quality and price,” said Kemp.

In the market, he says, “cases can go for £5 or £50 – for a fiver they’re not great, but for £50 they’re too expensive. We want to offer value but market a good product, and there’s a glaring opportunity.”

The firm’s establishment will not disrupt Our Perspective’s current operations, which have seen it provide marketing and logistics support to brands including Energizer, STK and Monqi.

“We’ve got good experience of bringing brands to market – it’s our forte,” said Taylor. “We’ve always had a view that we wanted to bring our own brands to market long-term, and Genuine Case Company is the first.”

The brand will sell through its website, as well as Amazon and eBay, but is also arranging partnerships with retailers and distributors, with a view to a global sales strategy.

Kemp and Taylor acknowledged that the ongoing coronavirus may disrupt the arrival of stock this month, but at the time of press were committed to the March 1 launch date.

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