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TCL says 5G and AI will be at forefront of 2019 drive

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
August 15, 2018

TCL global marketing general manager Stefan Streit made the announcement on during a webcast

TCL Communications is looking ahead to its 2019 prospects with an increased focus on the introduction of 5G and developing its AI.

Smartphone brands Alcatel and BlackBerry are part of the TCL group with both being important parts of the “House of Brands” strategy that TCL has.

The strategy focuses on addressing different market segments as BlackBerry devices target people working within business while Alcatel is more of a value brand.

Last year TCL reported revenue of £19.4 billion ($25 billion) with a net profit of £788 million. The Chinese-based company employees 75,000 worldwide, with offices in 80 countries.

Giving an update via webcast, TCL global marketing general manager Stefan Streit spoke about TCL’s focus on 5G in 2019.

“We are very active and engaged when it comes to 5G, which we consider a very important step for the industry.

“This will not only happen with smartphones but with the IoT product range. We’re working with partners to ensure we’re early to market with 5G products.”

Streit also spoke about the recently updated Alcatel range including the Alcatel 5V that gives a “more flagship feel and design for the price”.

Speaking of AI opportunities, Streit added: “In 2019 you’ll see an enhancement of AI experiences and capabilities. For us this is critical.”

Streit also mentioned the importance of BlackBerry following the launch of the BlackBerry Key 2.

“We are very committed to BlackBerry, we feel like there is a market for such a device. It is an iconic brand from the past and has a lot of fans around the globe. People still prefer a keyboard.”

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