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Street with download speeds of just 0.14Mbps

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 14, 2018

A street in Gloucestershire has the worst broadband speeds in the country, according to uSwitch

Greenmeadows Park in the village of Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire, is the worst street in the country for broadband speeds, according to a uSwitch report.

The street near Cheltenham achieved average download speeds of 0.14Mbps, says the report – nearly 1,900 times slower than the highest average speed recorded in Abdon Avenue, Birmingham, at 265.89Mbps.

According to uSwitch, consumers living in Greenmeadows Park need 102 hours to download a two-hour film in high definition and a minimum of 38 hours to download a 45-minute TV show of the same quality.

The findings are based on almost 280,000 ‘real world’ speed tests conducted by broadband users over the past 12 months. The research also found that over a quarter of the country receives speeds of less than 10Mbps, with one in eight using broadband with speeds under 5Mbps.

In addition, consumers in the south-west of the country are more likely to experience superfast broadband speeds, says the report

Five of the UK’s fastest broadband streets are in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Wiltshire, whereas nine of the slowest streets are found in Yorkshire, Teesside and Scotland.

uSwitch broadband expert Dani Warner said one of the reasons for the slow speeds is that people are often unaware superfast is available.

She added: “Over a third of the slowest steets have access to superfast speeds, so there is no need to be crawling along on unusable internet.

“The industry should be doing more to help consumers understand what sort of broadband they can get at home.”

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