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STK enters South Africa with Mobile Sync 5b handset

Alex Yau
January 27, 2016

The Middlesex-based manufacturer’s device will be stocked by South African retailer Ackermans

STK has announced it is stocking its Mobile Sync 5b handset in Ackermans stores across South Africa.

The retail chain, which established in 1916 and primarily sells clothing, will have the device in 400 of its 450 stores. This is a 3G smartphone with a 5-inch touch screen and 8MP rear camera. It also includes 4GB of memory, comes with a quad-core processor and has up to four hours of talk time.

STK director of business development Henri Salameh said: “Ackermans was founded in 1916, making it one of South Africa’s oldest retailers – so it is great to enter the market with such an established retailer with a loyal consumer base. We are working close with Ackermans to grow our presence and launch more STK smartphones with them.”


Ackermans STK

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