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Specialist 3PL Solutions by Eurostar Logistics

Staff Reporter
May 26, 2023


Empowering the UK Mobile Phone and Consumer Electronics Industry with Specialist 3PL Solutions

By Eurostar Logistics business development director and Eurostar Global Electronics head of e-commerce Dave Copestake.


In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of the UK mobile phone and consumer electronics industry, efficient supply chain management and seamless product delivery are paramount.

Eurostar Logistics, the specialist third-party logistics (3PL) arm of the award-winning mobile phone and tablet distributor Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd are expert in this field.vThis article explores the concept of 3PL and delves into the comprehensive benefits of partnering with Eurostar Logistics for supply chain management and product delivery.

From storage and next-day delivery to reverse logistics, data erasure, kitting, deployment, and reworking, Eurostar Logistics offers tailored solutions that drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics (3PL) refers to the outsourcing of supply chain management functions to an external specialist provider. These providers offer a range of services, such as warehousing, transportation, inventory management, and value-added services. 

By leveraging their expertise, resources, and network, 3PL providers help businesses streamline their operations, optimise efficiency, enhance customer experiences & realise significant cost savings.

Eurostar Logistics: A Specialist 3PL Provider

Drawing on years of experience as experts in their field, Eurostar are a specialist 3PL provider in the UK mobile phone and consumer electronics industry.

With a focus on excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Eurostar Logistics offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of this dynamic sector.

Storage and Serialised Product Management

Eurostar Logistics provides secure and customised storage solutions tailored to serialised products.

Their new state of the art warehouse is tailored for the management of mobile devices and consumer electric products and is equipped with advanced security measures, and robust inventory management systems.This ensures the safe storage of serialised products, minimises the risk of obsolescence, and maximises product availability.

State of the art warehouse is tailored for the management of mobile devices and consumer electronic products

Eurostar Logistics leverages their advanced ERP inventory management system (Escape) to provide real-time visibility and proactive inventory control.This allows customers to make data-driven decisions, optimise stock levels, and streamline inventory.

Next-Day Delivery and Fulfilment

Timely and reliable delivery is crucial in the mobile phone and consumer electronics industry. Eurostar Logistics excels in order fulfilment, offering next-day delivery services that meet the expectations of modern consumers.

By outsourcing order fulfilment to Eurostar Logistics, businesses benefit from their logistics expertise, optimised packaging, and streamlined last-mile delivery. This results in shorter delivery times, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.Eurostar offers both domestic delivery and also leverages its expertise in deliveries across Europe and beyond.

Reverse Logistics and Data Erasure

Eurostar Logistics also understand the importance of efficient reverse logistics in the mobile phone and consumer electronics sector. They provide end-to-end reverse logistics solutions, including return merchandise authorisation (RMA), product inspection, refurbishment, and disposition.

With a commitment to data security, Eurostar Logistics offers secure and compliant data erasure services. This protects customer-sensitive information during the return or recycling process, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and their own customers.

Kitting, Deployment, and Reworking

Customisation and agility are essential in a competitive market. Eurostar Logistics offers kitting, deployment, and rework services that allow businesses to meet individual customer needs effectively.

Eurostar Logistics has the capabilities to assemble and package products according to specific configurations, including bundling accessories, personalised branding, and software installations.

Additionally, they assist in product deployment, such as device activation and software updates, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Moreover, Eurostar Logistics provides reworking services, enabling businesses to modify, upgrade, or repair products to align with changing market demands.This flexibility ensures that businesses can adapt to evolving customer preferences while minimising costs.


Partnering with a specialist 3PL provider like Eurostar Logistics empowers businesses in the UK mobile phone and consumer electronics industry to streamline their supply chain operations and optimise product delivery.

From secure storage and efficient next-day delivery to reverse logistics, data erasure, kitting, deployment, and reworking, Eurostar Logistics offers tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations. 

By leveraging their expertise, resources, and the specialised services offered by Eurostar Logistics, businesses can focus on their core competencies, strengthen their market position, and thrive in a dynamic industry.

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