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SMARTY launches roaming and international plans to reduce holiday bills

Paul Lipscombe
August 9, 2018

SMARTY launched in August 2017 and works off the Three network

SMARTY has added roaming and international calling to its existing proposition in a bid to eliminate holiday ‘bill shock’.

Customers that are travelling within the EU will be able to use their data, unlimited calls and texts with no hidden charges or extra costs, just as they would at home.

The service will operate as a pay-as-you-go system for those that travel outside of the EU. Customers will require a cash add-on, top up their cash balance and then pay-as-they-go, which means customers will only pay for what they use. In the case there is some cash balance left over it can be used towards next month’s plan.

Standard UK calls and texts are unlimited, and in what is a UK first SMARTY will reduce the cost of customers phone plans for data they don’t use, valued at £1.25 per GB of data.

The three SMARTY plans come in small, medium or large. The small plan is £7.50 for 2GB of data, the medium is £10 for 4GB and the large is £15 for 8GB. All three plans include unlimited calls and texts.

As well as this SMARTY’s international calling offering is also live, giving customers the opportunities to communicate with people across the world. Again this is a pay-as-you-go based system.

SMARTY users will need to make a one-off change to their phone settings for the SIM to work abroad.

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