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Huawei targets top spot by end of 2019

Manny Pham
August 6, 2018

Huawei originally made the ambitious target for end of 2021 when announced in 2016

Huawei has set its sights to be the largest shipping manufacturer in the world by the end of 2019 after overtaking Apple in Q2 this year.

Huawei originally made the ambitious target for end of 2021 when announced in 2016.

The Chinese manufacturer is targeting shipments of 200 million smartphones globally for the end of this year, up from 153 million in 2017. Huawei CEO of consumer business group Richard Yu said at a press conference it was possible to become the largest vendor by Q4 2019, according to Reuters.

Yu said: “I think it’s no problem that we become the global number two next year; in Q4 next year, it’s possible we become number one”.

He attributed strong sales in Europe and China and premium products such as the P20 series, which sold nine million units since launch in April. Revenue for H1 2018 grew 15 per cent year-on-year to £36.25bn, last year also saw 15 per cent growth.

The manufacturer saw a massive setback this year where a deal to range smartphones through Verizon fell through. It would have been Huawei’s debut into a US operator.

Huawei reported it shipped 95 million smartphones in its first half of 2018 fiscal results, it made £36.25bn. Profits are not stated until the end of the financial year. For Q2 smartphone shipments increased 41 per cent year-on-year (54.2m devices) gaining it 15.5 per cent market share according to Strategy Analytics. That is a five per cent gain in market share, while Apple slipped with 11.8 per cent share.

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