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iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr will be ranged by all major operators

Manny Pham
September 12, 2018

New handsets announced today will be available on the swap plans

The UK’s four biggest network operators have confirmed ranging of Apple’s latest handsets the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr.

Pre orders for the Xs and Xs Max will open tomorrow (Sep 14) with general release on September 21, while pre-orders for the Xr will open on October 19 and shipping begins October 26. There are three colour ways available silver, space grey and black.

Prices on EE starts from £68 per mont with a £370 up front charge on an ‘Essential Plan’ that comes with 4GB data, unlimited calls and text. Vodafone is charging £54 per month with £199 upfront with 1GB data bolted on (unlimited calls and text).

With O2 on a 36 month contract, for £52.56 per month and £99.99 upfront customers can grab the iPhone Xs wth 2GB data, unlimited calls and text. Three offers the iPhone Xs with 500MB data, 300 minutes, unlimited texts for £42 per month and £250 upfront.

Carphone Warehouse and major MVNOs are also lining up to take the three onboard such as: Sky Mobile, BT and Virgin.

Sky Mobile monthly prices for the 64GB Xs starts from £43 per month (£37 for iPhone and £6 for airtime) which includes 1GB of data, unlimited calls and text on its upgrade Swap24 scheme.

BT Mobile customers can grab he phone for £70 per month, £25 up front, that comes with 15GB of data for the entry plan for Apple’s latest and greatest. Free BT Sports is included.

O2 MVNO GiffGaff starts prices at £48.35 per month, £25 up front, on a two year contract for the 64GB iPhone Xs. The Xs Max starts at £53.31 for the base version going up to £60.76 for 256GB and £70.69 for 512GB of storage.

Vodafone MVNO VOXI will start ranging al three iPhones next month (October). The iPhone XS will be available from £49 per month including a £10 VOXI plan which includes no data usage on social media apps, 6GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

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