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Trade-in partnership to make upgrades easier

Paul Lipscombe
September 12, 2018

The partnership is aimed at providing customers with ‘better value for money’

A1 Comms has partnered with mobile recyclers E-Giant to launch a new trade-in programme through online retailer

Customers can now trade in their unwanted iOS or Android devices when choosing the replacement and can cut the cost of new handsets by up to £450, according to A1 Comms.

The programme works by offsetting the value of the traded-in device to provide a discount for the customer on the monthly price of a new tariff.

All devices from fully functioning to faulty, unlocked or locked are accepted under the programme. An iPhone 7 could fetch £250 with an iPhone X bringing in £450, reducing the cost of a new phone by £10.41 per month and £18.75 per month respectively.

A1 Comms head of digital Jamie Tomlinson said: “Mobile phones cost so much money these days that even second-hand ones are still worth hundreds of pounds.

“We do our best to provide the best possible value for our customers, and with our new trade-ins they can now get every last penny of value from their mobile phone.”

E-Giant commercial director Phil Henchoz said “We are delighted to be working with A1 Comms and its leading online brands to champion a trade-in solution that simplifies the process for all customers to be able to take advantage of.

“With the need for recycling and waste reduction ever more prevalent, this solution ensures unwanted devices provide a benefit elsewhere in the economy, as opposed to gathering dust in a drawer or adding to landfill.”

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