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Resellers offered specialised insurance product from Bastion

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
November 20, 2018

Bastion aims to sell extended warranty product through dealers

Bastion Insurance has brought out a range of extended warranty policies called Devicelife exclusively for resellers and dealers.

Resellers can sign their business customers up to the Devicelife policies, which insure against electrical or mechanical breakdowns or faults with the device, or any accessories up to the value of £150. Resellers are able to gain commission on each policy that they sell.

Prices start from £22.50 and increase depending on handset price. For example, a year’s cover for an iPhone X costs £30 and can be bought any time the device is under manufacturer warranty.

Devicelife is designed for mobile handsets but can also be applied to tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices.

The Devicelife offerings come just a year after Bastion entered the mobile market.

The company says it has signed more than 185,000 customers in that time across its three brands – Devicecover, Tinhat and Bastion Insurance.

Devicecover director of sales John Fannon, who used to be at rival Supercover, said he’s expecting to sell many thousands of policies each year.

“There is a demand from the channel for an extended warranty product. So we’ve built it specifically for the mobile dealer channels,” he said.

“This is only available for resellers right now and consumers will not be able to buy Devicelife online.”

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