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Quarter of student mobile thefts happen on the streets

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
July 26, 2018

Smartphone pickpocketers and snatchers account for 26.1 per cent of mobile thefts for students according to Protect You Bubble

Over a quarter of mobile thefts reported by students occur on the streets according to new research from Protect My Bubble.

The gadget insurance provider found that students are around some of the highest-valued targets as over a third (35pc) carry upwards of £1,000 worth of tech with them on their travels to university.

Dropping the device, water damage and stepping on the device were also found to be the top three reasons for insurance claims coming from students with9.1 per cent sustaining damage that costs over £1,000.

Protect Your Bubble director James Brown said: “All too often the loss of students’ phones is dismissed as carelessness during a lively night out.

“Our research shows a significant number have in fact been caught up in the recent trend of high street snatching. Many students struggle financially, and phone theft only adds to their woes, which underlines the importance of appropriate insurance.”

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