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EE launch new Flex plans to offer customers more flexibility

Paul Lipscombe
July 25, 2018

There are four different payment plans customers can choose from between £10 to £30

EE has launched Flex Plans, which is a new service that will allow customers the control and flexibility of pay-as-you-go with the simplicity of pay monthly plans.

The new service has been designed to cater to the needs of EE’s 2.1 million UK customers.

Customers can now choose from more plans in addition to a pay-as-you-go contracts, pay monthly or one of EE’s flex plans.

Customers will be able to set up one regular payment to save the hassle of having to top-up but like pay-as-you-go customers won’t be tied down to a contract so can choose to change, pause or stop their plan when convenient.

EE managing director of marketing Max Taylor commented: “Our new plans give customers great flexibility and control and are unpinned by the UK’s best network.

“Customers on Flex plans have the freedom to pause and change their plan at any time, with the value and simplicity offered from a traditional pay monthly plan.”

As well as this customers will be able to swap to Flex plans that are better tailored to their needs. As well as this users can add more data and top-up their minutes if they use all their allowance and can keep track of their plan through the MYEE app.

The longer customers stay on a Flex plan they will be recieve an additional 500MB data every three months as an incentive, while customers can also rollover unused data into the following month so they have a second chance to use it.

EE is introducing four 30-day Flex plans that includes a £10 plan with 2GB data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

For £15 customers can get 5GB data, 2,000 minutes and unlimited texts, while a £25 plan will give customers double the amount of data with 10GB and 3,000 minutes.

The most expensive plan costs £30 and includes 20GB data, 3,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

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