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Plan sees record response to new tariffs and commissions

Paul Withers
November 2, 2016

Airtime distributor says success has set the scene to take its portal to a new level has claimed the record response to its new tariff and commission structures will set the scene for a new partner portal that will “revolutionise” the industry.

The range was launched October 1 and sees the current number of tariff structures drop from four to two in the coming months. One includes roaming bundles while the other is more UK-focused.

In the days following the changes, its online portal ‘V3’ received a record number of visits from partners – up 69 per cent on the average.

Partner call volumes surged by 148 per cent and quotes with the new tariffs doubled, while requests for its ‘Euro’ and ‘World Explorer’ roaming bolt-ons tripled compared to similar offers. 

Revolutionary co-founder Keith Curran (pictured) was tight-lipped on the evolution of its partner portal, ‘V4’, due to launch early next year, but claimed it will redefine what a portal can actually do.

“There has been a huge increase in activity with the new tariffs and commission structures; we’ve clearly hit a sweet spot with this. It helps us set the scene to move onto V4.

“We’ve come to a realisation that it is no longer good enough to just keep building on the same portal – we need to take it to a new level and actually redefine what it is.

“This will revolutionise the industry. V4 will still do all the things that partners will want to input into a portal. What will change and be completely different is the way the portal will interact with them. It will understand the partner and their business.”

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