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FOLLOW US partners hail ‘game-changing’ tariff and commission changes

Paul Withers
October 4, 2016

Airtime distributor’s dealers have praised tariffs that enable them to customise tariffs from scratch, as well as add global roaming deals partners have labelled new tariffs and commission structures announced by the airtime distributor as “game-changing”.

The range was launched yesterday morning (October 3) and sees the current number of tariff structures drop from four to two in the coming months. One includes roaming bundles while the other is more UK-focused.

Each is available from the Isle-of-Man-based company’s online portal. Partners can customise tariffs from scratch (minutes, texts, data and contract length) to match their customers’ needs. Costs and payment methods (upfront or revenue share) can also be determined using the portal.

A new ‘World Explorer’ bolt-on is also available, allowing partners to include global roaming additions to their packages. More than 110 countries outside of Europe can be added, including China, the US, Australia and Mexico.


City Talk Communications mobile manager Ben Housego said: “I looked at the new rates this morning and they are fantastic – a total game-changer for O2 customers.

“We are fully behind these new tariffs and will be looking at our entire base and putting them on the new plans.”

Junaid Habib of Premier Mobile Solutions added: “These are brilliant tariffs and have filled a huge gap in the market. This will be ground breaking for my customer base.”

Commissions on cheaper tariffs have also been increased. Partners who take out a £25 plan, for example, can now get 25 per cent more commission on some tariffs.

All clawbacks have been removed from renewal commissions. This means customers can get 100 per cent commission on the remaining months of an existing tariff following a renewal.

Big deal co-founder Keith Curran (pictured) concluded: “We knew the announcement would be a big deal. We’re really proud and excited of what we can now offer and wanted to shout about it.

“What we didn’t know was how much of a reaction we would get from our partners. When the phones started ringing, it wasn’t for the obvious questions. It was Partners praising the “game-changing” nature of what we had done.

“We’re getting a lot of questions asking us if the statements we’re making are really true. ‘Do the bolt-on EU minutes, text and data really come out of the customer’s UK allowance?’ Are you really giving more commission even at lower ARPUs, or are you massaging the numbers?’ We always give them the same response: log on to the portal and see for yourself.”

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