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Daisy Group and BT to promise more accurate broadband speeds under new Ofcom code

Alex Yau
September 30, 2016

Virgin Media, TalkTalk and KCOM have also signed up to the new code

BT Business, Daisy Group, KCOM, TalkTalk Business and Virgin Media have each added their name to a new Ofcom code requiring them to provide more accurate information on broadband speeds.

The new code has been put into practice today (September 30). Those who have signed up to it must provide an accurate estimate of download and upload speeds to businesses wishing to use their services. They must also let them exit their contract without penalty if the promised speeds aren’t delivered.

According to Ofcom, SMEs are confused about the actual speeds offered by providers. It claimed not every internet provider gave personalised speed estimates during the sale process.

Ofcom consumer group director Lindsey Fussell: “Ofcom’s job is to make sure that everyone across the UK is getting the best possible communications services. We are concerned that too many businesses are not receiving the broadband speeds they expect when they sign their contract.

“So broadband companies have agreed to give clear and accurate information on speeds upfront so business customers can make more informed decisions. We’ve also made it easier for businesses to walk away from their broadband contract without penalty if speeds fall below the levels guaranteed by their provider.”

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