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Orange and T-Mobile dealers face possible axe in EE review

Paul Withers
September 24, 2012

Dealers face axe as operator looks to consolidate Orange and T-Mobile partner programmes

EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere, may terminate some under-performing dealers following a review of its channel.

The review coincides with the operator’s rebranding exercise and the introduction of its 4G network,  which is expected to cover 16 cities by Christmas.

Dealers currently connecting Orange or T-Mobile have been informed of the consolidation of the two dealer programmes.

A meeting is expected to take place next week to inform them of further details.

Only selected partners will be eligible to sell EE-branded products, such as those compatible with 4G and its new high-speed broadband services.

Dealers already authorised to sell Orange or T-Mobile will continue to do so.

“As part of our company integration we are also looking to consolidate our Orange and T-Mobile dealer programmes into a simple partner programme,” an EE spokesperson said.

“We will be in touch with our major partners in due course to discuss it all in more detail.”

EE is also terminating dealers as part of the channel-wide consolidation plan. The operator works with around 350 dealers in total, of which around 30 are on a direct basis.

A source close to the company said: “EE wants to put some quality into the new brand. It certainly won’t have a relationship with someone that will give its business to another network.

“Usually in a review, around 25 per cent of dealers are struck off.”

Meanwhile EE is to stop selling Orange-branded business packages to medium and large business customers. Existing deals are gradually being switched over to the 4G-only service as it becomes available in the customer’s area.

Consumer and small business customers will continue to have the option of  all three brands but enterprise customers will be moved on to the new EE brand.

EE has already stopped enrolling new business on to the T-Mobile brand, with Orange to follow as the new brand becomes available.

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