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Opensignal report shows the UK lags behind for mobile broadband speeds

Paul Lipscombe
May 29, 2019

The UK recorded average scores across a number of measurements in Opensignal’s report

The UK has ranked 27th in the world for mobile broadband speeds according to the latest Opensignal report.

Opensignal’s ‘State of Mobile Network Experience’ study found that the UK recorded average download speeds of 21.7Mbps, which was some way off first-place South Korea’s 52.4Mbps, with 87 countries measured.

The report was based on data gathered from both Android and iOS smartphones between January 1 and March 31 of this year with over 43.6 million devices used and over 139 billion measurements recorded.

The UK also lagged behind for 4G availability with 84.7 per cent availability and finished 25th place overall.

In comparison South Korea again led the way with 97.5 per cent connectivity followed by Japan (96.3pc) and Norway (95.5pc).

Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan and India also made the top ten for 4G availability as European countries made up just nine of the top 20 in the rankings.

While Europe dominated the rankings for video experience, the UK only came 22nd place with a rating of 66.2 out of 100. This was well short of the 74.7 that Norway achieved.

For average upload speed the UK came 30th after speeds of 7.4Mbps were recorded and 29th for latency times with 46ms.

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